Flex Care

Drop-in and Flexible Care, All Year Long

Flex Care allows you to purchase child care days in advance to use as needed — all year long. This convenient, pre-purchased care is sold in five-day increments. There is no limit to how many Flex Care cards you can purchase in advance, and each is good for one full year. You can use Flex Care days all at once or one at a time. Flex Care is great for:

  • School breaks, including summer and holidays
  • An irregular or part-time work schedule
  • A temporary lapse in primary care
  • Just trying us out!

You get reliability and flexibility, and your children experience our proven curriculum in a fun, safe environment. The process is simple:

  1. Purchase one or more five-day Flex Care cards in advance (right at the school!)
  2. Complete the enrollment paperwork - if not already on file
  3. Reserve your child's classroom space by calling the school 48 hours in advance